What's your real name?
My name is Nayinda Rafiqamila
What's the meaning of your name?
A culture combination. Chinesse and Arabian. Yin ( ) means earth, night, moon, femininity and the rest means a smart woman
How old are you?
I was born March 1993
When did you start blogging?
Actually I made my first blog about 2 years ago but I've forgot the password so I made a new one, it's about May 2012
What do you do?
I'm a student at Faculty of Communication, UNISBA (University of Islam Bandung)
I was working at programmer company as a data analyst for 1 month
I'm trying to recover from some problem in my body
I'm trying to be a good blogger hahaha
Searching for something sweet that I can eat
Incorporated with Keluarga Mahasiswa Manajemen Komunikasi as staff Creative Division (2013) and head of Connection of Manajemen Komunikasi Alumni Division (2014)
Designing logo
Why your blog named 'Sloppy Noisy' and the adress "http://sloppybrezen.blogspot.com/"?
It's all because I really sloppy, I could break a glass even I didn't touch it. My room is a mess (for example) :p and 'Noisy' come from my habit, I really like talking about anything. Some of my friends said that I'm the source of noise and chaos hahaha
Brezen it means March in Czech, cause I was born at March
Where are you from?
I was born in Bandung but now I lives in Cimahi, a small town near Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Who takes your photos?
I do by my self, with my Canon EOS 1100D and my tripod hehe but sometimes my friends or my brother took it for me
Who are your favorite musicians?
Kurt Cobain, Michael Buble, Corinne Bailey Rae, Diane Birch, Raisa, Carla Brun, The Doors and many more
What's your favorite movies?
I like romantic, comedy, war, thriller movie haha I like all the kind of movie. I watch Scott Pilgrim, 500 Days of Summer, Saving Private Ryan and and and :p
Photography, Fashion, Music, Design & Architecture

Do you want to ask me more?
Ask me by e-mail at nayinovoselic@yahoo.com
hihi I'll be happy to answer all the question ^^

God Bless Us!
Nayinda Rafiqamila

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