Sunday, May 27, 2012

Little Rania

My nephew. She's Rania Latifah Rachman. She's just 3th ;)
She want holding a camera like me. So,  I give her my olympus pen
Big big big eyes! >.<
Stop climbing the fences! AAAAA!
She's singing. Aku bisa~ Aku pasti bisaa~ ku tak mau berputus asa~ :)
hahaha she's cute!
get down, Rania!
The style----Woohoo! I tell ya, she's really fussy -..-
This little girl is watching Paradise video by Coldplay \m/

She's sweet, eh? ;)

Look like a professional -..-
Her stand LOL

The left: Very pretty and the right: dbuiewfubgfyrh LOL :))
Like she could eat me alive -..-
So, cheers! :D
Never stop laughing :))
Look like she could operate it. Fyuh~ -..-
The Photographer
The bye-bye time: "I won't go home, Moooom!" :((
Keep remember her smile hahaha kid! :*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After School

21st May, after school. I really want to bite pretzel!
Bought Auntie Anne's original flavor. Yumm!
Oh I love pretzel! Look! my silly face haha

Natasya's leopard glasses <3

My bestfriend, Natasya Septhiallisya
A bit crowded

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Naughty Kiss

Waaa I'm so excited found this sweet - 7 - episode - movie at YouTube. Actually, Dhella was telling me to watch it hehe
I like watching Korean serial movie :p
Naughty Kiss was based on the popular manga. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo had a different personality. Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy and Baek Seung Jo is a perfectionist. Ha Ni falls for Seung Jo since in high school. Seung Jo often hurting Ha Ni and everything change until Oh Ha Ni lives in Seung Jo's house and after graduation they're get married <3
Oh Ha Ni still doing stupid things but that's what Seung Jo's like from Ha Ni. This is a comedy - romantic movie.
Naughty Kiss on YouTube was advanced from Naughty Kiss 1st. I love this movie so much! Ha Ni's style in this movie are amazing! She looks nice with everything she worn. Stunning <3

Diane Birch looks

I really like Diane Birch songs. Her voice really good. Like this one

I like her way for dress up. Simple but cute <3
She likes wearing fedora :)

Her songs are easy listening & cool!

Diane Birch looks
How to get Diane Birch looks. Good luck!




Red by nayinda featuring sun dresses


Yesterday, tempted by the color. I spend my money at Justine :( hahaha
but I a lil confuse. I never wear any wedges to campus, I'm wearing Vans :p
Here some picture I took at Justine
and go take a look an amazing shoes and bags. Click --> Justine Collection

 I love the textures

Try try try :p

Finally, bought three shoes. Take it to home! :p