Friday, July 20, 2012

So Looooong

Hi! wow it's been so long not looking on my blog haha well I just come back from hospital. I got DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever). Yeah it's pretty bad. When you should pee on the bed, yikes!!!! Bed rest. The nurse forbid me to go to the toilet. All activity on the bed, it's sucks! and the plus. . problem with my gastric too. Totally awesome! It should be my holiday! arrggh! yeah at least I enjoying my holiday at hospital hahaha but I get so much better now :)
There are pictures I want to post before I got sick hihi

Random haha
Mi Familia!
Funniest photo of the year hahaha look at her diapers!
Hanif & his Mommy
Sistahood: The Double Y -Yin & Yuta-
New kids on the block haha [Hanif, Rania & Puput]
Big family of mine <3

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