Friday, July 20, 2012

The Sugarush

This is the moment, five day before the hos-hol a.k.a hospital holiday haha
I and Alda went to campus then went to The Sugarush. Yippie! Where the sweet things lives here hahaha

I like the lights here

Alda's Mango Cake
My Chocovocado Cake. The taste of avocado cream is unique :9

Alda with her mango cake
Rose with French Vanilla Tea

(Only this picture) I grab it from Go!Girl Magazine ;)

The Sugar Rush Cafe
Jl. Braga No 83, Bandung
Phone: 022- 4236618
Open: Monday - Thursday (11.00-22.00)
           Friday - Sunday (11.00-23.00)
Follow via twitter : @Sugarush_bdg
Visit their website:

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