Friday, May 11, 2012

Afternoon with my 3 idiots

Taking a walk in afternoon. We're really didn't bring our transportation. Being a pedestrian is good, fun and of course healthy. Well, this is Bandung in the afternoon~

They aren't Blink 182 :p
They're my cousin. Ali, Bun-Bun & Fani. Look Ali's style! HAHAHA

Ali didn't stop eating his ice cream
Bun - bun with his hoodie & his fake smile haha
He said "How if I have style like this" zzz
Fani: "Wait! wait! I'll jump! Bun! look at me, Bun!"
Nothing to hold. He's out of ice cream
No car? ok GO!
Pedestrian yuhhuuu~
Don't be so sad, bro! You'll get a new new girlfriend!
at Taman Pramuka - Bandung
Oh! you ruin it! haha

Like there's a wings at his back haha. Giant bee flying~!
No! my hand slipped! I'm sweating!
Tired, eh? ;)

He's. . the trash now
I can't get out! help! what should I do?!

Fake fake fake expression
We're in our way back home!
It's wow! have a walk to the park and have fun there. Let's do it again, brother!!


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    1. Wow thank you so much, Aldara :)
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