Sunday, May 20, 2012

Naughty Kiss

Waaa I'm so excited found this sweet - 7 - episode - movie at YouTube. Actually, Dhella was telling me to watch it hehe
I like watching Korean serial movie :p
Naughty Kiss was based on the popular manga. Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo had a different personality. Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy and Baek Seung Jo is a perfectionist. Ha Ni falls for Seung Jo since in high school. Seung Jo often hurting Ha Ni and everything change until Oh Ha Ni lives in Seung Jo's house and after graduation they're get married <3
Oh Ha Ni still doing stupid things but that's what Seung Jo's like from Ha Ni. This is a comedy - romantic movie.
Naughty Kiss on YouTube was advanced from Naughty Kiss 1st. I love this movie so much! Ha Ni's style in this movie are amazing! She looks nice with everything she worn. Stunning <3


  1. Love this show!! I liked when she kicked the vending machine to get the drink out =)) Im such a sucker for Korean dramas. Currently watching Rooftop Price <3

    1. thanks for your nice comment :)
      I followed you back :)

    2. @Maya: Hahaha me too! oh and I like Coffee Prince!

      @Kinga: thanks girl :)

  2. aaaw i really LOVE this korean drama
    i watch every episode in 2 or 3 day , because
    it was so much fun while watching it XD
    xoxo ;*