Sunday, May 27, 2012

Little Rania

My nephew. She's Rania Latifah Rachman. She's just 3th ;)
She want holding a camera like me. So,  I give her my olympus pen
Big big big eyes! >.<
Stop climbing the fences! AAAAA!
She's singing. Aku bisa~ Aku pasti bisaa~ ku tak mau berputus asa~ :)
hahaha she's cute!
get down, Rania!
The style----Woohoo! I tell ya, she's really fussy -..-
This little girl is watching Paradise video by Coldplay \m/

She's sweet, eh? ;)

Look like a professional -..-
Her stand LOL

The left: Very pretty and the right: dbuiewfubgfyrh LOL :))
Like she could eat me alive -..-
So, cheers! :D
Never stop laughing :))
Look like she could operate it. Fyuh~ -..-
The Photographer
The bye-bye time: "I won't go home, Moooom!" :((
Keep remember her smile hahaha kid! :*


  1. such a cute little girl!someday she can be an awesome photografer!
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  2. omg she's too adorable! and she must've loved the elephants in the Paradise song heheh x

  3. too adorable !
    Love the blog <3
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  4. Cute!

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  6. She's toooo cutee!!! lol! =))

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  8. aww I love those photos :)
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  9. She is so sweet and cute ! Love her! Kiss x

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