Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silly People

Gak ada yang dilakuin selain buang waktu setelah dateng ke kampus dan . . . dosennya gak ada. So we're going to Jogja Express Jl. Merdeka - Bandung. Here we make some chaos :p
Me, Otoy and Bedul 'The Little Rascal'. He's bother our poses!
Soda Freeze: Fanta & Magic pizza: Mozarella
Yuppie Love & Alda with her Nutrisari
Look what Bedul's done -..-
Amie's looks. The shoes, adorable!
What we're doing inside the Jogja Market. It's crazy. Look! Otoy's silly face with chilli sauce in his hand
My favorite snack!!
What? think about suicide, eh?

This place's comfortable
Made some fancy faces hahaha

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